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School Swimming Pool

School Swimming Pool

School Swimming Pool

Total Raised

Swimming Pool Restoration

Following on from assessments of the swimming pool I am now in a position to give you some further information about its restoration. The swimming pool is leaking from the inside, tiles are popping off from the sides of the pool and are lifting from the base of the pool, the swimming pool cover needs replacing as does the reel the cover is held on, as it is collapsed in the middle and can no longer support the weight of the cover and we need a new swimming pool heater. Therefore the following repairs with estimated costs that would need to take place to get the swimming pool up and running are as follows:

Areas of concern Costs

To replace the swimming pool heater.

(Our swimming pool heater is not working, parts for the heater can no longer be purchased due to the age of the heater and therefore it needs to be completely replaced

The swimming pool cover reel £3,000
Swimming Pool Cover £2,000
To repair leaks and render the sides and base of the pool £3,000
To insert a pool liner to prevent future leaks and provide a smooth finish to the pool £3,000
Total Cost £20,000

In total we need to raise £20,000 to restore our swimming pool. Essex County Council is not in a position to help us, as the pool was built 50 years ago by the school’s Parent Association and therefore it is not their responsibility. As you will appreciate, we do not have £20,000 available for this project in our school budget and therefore we need to continue our fundraising efforts over the next year to raise as much money as we can. Unfortunately until we have all the money we are not in a position to start the project.

We are pleased to announce we have raised enough money to carry out the required works on the school swimming pool. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the fund in various ways.
Although the repair work has commenced there has been some delays meaning that the pool will not be be available for use this year, but will be ready for action for the Summer term 2018.
Part of the money raised came from token collections in local Tesco stores. Tesco staff came in to school to present us with the money raised from this.

How are we going to find the money?

The PTFA have donated £3,000 which is the majority of the money they raised last year and therefore need your support this year more than ever, as they have agreed to donate all money raised throughout their events this year to the swimming pool. We are working hard to apply for grants and possible sponsorship. In November the school and therefore the swimming pool will be 50 years old and we have many birthday celebrations plans which we will inform you about in the new academic year.

Little Splash Donation Form.

Why not buy a plaque to display at the side of our newly refurbished pool? Here is some more information about the project and please see the below application form.

Download Document

Download Document

Our Supporters

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the people below who have donated to our swimming pool fund:

PTFA – Parsons Heath Parent, Teacher, Friends Association

Mr Thirulogasanthar

Colchester Fire Swim

D M Design

David Rayner

Mrs K Hinchcliffe

Win from Broadmead Road

Ellie-Paige Jones

Vickie Warren and Mark Dallimore

Jan and Phils

East Hill Super Store

Ruth Snowling

Mrs Johnson’s in-laws

Galaxy Food and Wine

Colchester Borough Council

Mr Chris Hill

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