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Our Children

Our Children

Our Children - Meet the Learning Council for 2017/18

Foundation: Samarah Uddin & Brody Foulger

Year 1: Teddi Campbell & Bobbi Clark

Year 2: Matas Tunikaitis & Abbie Willis

Year 3: Owen Goodey-Clarke & Amira Potter

Year 4: Courtney Frazer - Halls & Jacob Wilkinson

Year 5: Zara Hossain & Jayden Browne

Year 6: Samuel Wright & Chloe Furlong

What is the Learning Council?

At Learning Council we have the opportunity to inform Mrs Newman, our Deputy Headteacher, about the things we want to change and improve in our school. We have been responsible for introducing 'Flick Back Time'. 'Flick Back Time' allows us to check our work, respond to the teacher's marking and improve our work. We asked to have little tabs in our books so we knew where the teacher's had given us next steps to improve.

Team Captains

Haraniga Thirulogasanthar

Billy Nelson

Sophie Read

Elliot Bowen - Dore

Our next agenda item: New Style Homework - Do we like it?

Learning Council - Library Report

School Improvement Plan